I had a dream involving kitchen sinks

Luray and I had this awesome idea of turning a vintage sink and counter top into a checkout area for our booth at The Vintage Bazaar. (Okay, I confess it was my idea, but I sold her on it in, like, no time at all.)

I have a brilliant idea

I’m just bursting with genius!

You know, “we sell everything including the kitchen sink.” Except the sink would be for display, not for sale. So we really couldn’t use that saying, could we?

Moving right along…

my checkout counter daydream

Right after I came up with this fantastic plan I found the perfect donor-cabinet candidate on Craisglist. For free! FREE! And it was RED. I adore red! Obviously the planets and stars had come into perfect alignment. How could I pass up a deal like that?

red formica counter and  sink

Craigslist photo of a fantastic vintage sink in a red Formica counter top! YES! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! Okay, it looks pretty dirty, but it would probably clean right up with a modicum (or two) of elbow grease. (What, actually, IS elbow grease?)

The cabinet even looked just like I imagined. Drawers to stash our cash box and tools. A couple of cabinet doors. Lots of space to stow all our stuff underneath.

vintage kitchen cabinet

Solid wood and so adorably retro. Because it’s authentically old. And charming. And free. And I WANT IT!

Doesn’t this look loaded with fabulous potential? Of course it does! ManRay would probably not think so, and start pointing out practical and logistical reasons why it would be a crummy idea to drive four hours round trip to cram a hulking, heavy piece of discarded kitchen cabinetry into the back of my Honda so we could use it four days a year at the Vintage Bazaar, but he would cave. Because he loves me and is immune to my bouts of madness outstanding creativity.

Luray loved it! So, game on!

very cool red countertop

We soon took off on a string of possible modifications that would make the whole thing portable and lighter. See, we are rational creatures, after all. We came up with a way to dismantle it to use the top.

how to modify vintage sink for booth display

And a way to reuse the front of the cabinet, too.

convert kitchen cabinet into a false front

We texted and modified and texted and modified some more. (You really don’t want to see it all.) My phone battery was on the verge of running out when I finally got a reply from the seller.

the Craigslist seller replies


Seriously? Why would anyone leave the ad up if the piece was gone? Do they enjoy trolling? Seeing how many people they can torment?

Oh, and they just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Oh, no. They added some more salt to the wound:

we smashed it

Why, oh why, did you have to tell me this? WHY?

Talk about a rude awakening! Thanks a lot for blowing up my great daydream, Craigslist person. And no, I don’t want a really nice “pedelsal” porcelain sink.

We will be over the moon and totally love you if you share us with your friends!

4 Comments on “I had a dream involving kitchen sinks”

  1. Thanks for the chuckles, you sound just like Jeanne and me!

  2. Some people just don’t get it….
    Loved your plan!

    • janeray says:

      Thanks, Laurie! I would have *paid* for that sink they tore out. We’re still looking for another one on Craigslist. You never know!