Ten ways to use a vintage fridge container

Vintage fridge containers have gotten way more expensive in the past few years, especially the jadeite ones. But that’s no excuse for leaving them on a shelf to collect dust. Here are ten simple ways to use them.

They’re spectacular at hiding the last piece of cherry pie.

hide the last piece of pie

The obvious use is to hide desirable leftovers. Just don’t forget what you did with them!

Unlike modern, flimsy see-through plastics, old glass fridge containers completely conceal the contents. That can be a very good thing if you have a good memory. Otherwise, you’ll have vintage leftovers with nice green mold. User beware!

Okay. That was too easy.

Move a container to your sink and put it to work.

vintage jadeite fridge container holds scrubbers

Yes, the dish detergent is in the syrup bottle. Why not? You could also put a bar of soap in the fridge dish instead of scrubbers.

I use three different fridge containers for flatware when I do a buffet. I love mixing jadeite and red Bakelite.

red Bakelite flatware in jadeite fridge containers

Bring on the potluck party! The red flatware and green dishes just zing together.

Move out of the kitchen and park a dish or two where you drop your keys and electronic things.

never lose your keys and charger again

Who needs to be running all over the house pawing through pockets and purses looking for keys? Not me! Put them in one place all the time. Problem solved!

I do the same thing with my glasses.

vintage catseye glasses for sun and readers

Ooooo la la! Those rhinestone plastered glasses are the cat’s meow. And I know where they are when they aren’t on my face.

And jewelry.

control your jewelry clutter

I love piling on bracelets. I have a hard time putting them away. At least like this they look cute instead of clutter-y.

Organize your desk top. (Alas, not your computer desktop.)

desk top clutter control dish

Do you know where to find a pen? This is way more fun than my kitchen junk drawer.

Corral all your sewing doohickies right by your work area.

stash sewing doodads where you work

I keep this by my sewing machine. It’s a great way to stop losing my scissors, pins and seam ripper.

Make a mini collection of your nail polish bottles.

nail polish bottle holder

Polish plays nice together in an old, dotted dish.

Bring a vintage touch to your bathroom cabinets or shelves.

Q-Tips in a vintage jadeite dish

These look boring so I saved them for last. Why don’t they make these in fun colors?

How are you using your vintage fridge containers? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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10 Comments on “Ten ways to use a vintage fridge container”

  1. luray says:

    Wait—you have leftovers for cherry pie?!

  2. Jill says:

    Right now I am using them for earrings, change, candy and eyeglass wipes – they are sure multi purpose – I use one every morning for fruit at breakfast. Love your dots one!

  3. I use them scattered about for storage as well. Vintage, cute storage is always a bonus!

  4. Rie says:

    OK – now you are just showing off. Jadeite green with envy . . .