Tiny vintage table toppers, part 1

We were happy to have house guests for a week–our son and his wife came to stay. I haven’t had much time to think about writing. So here’s some eye candy!

Every once in a very long while I find a miniature vintage tablecloth. In all my years of collecting I’ve only come across eight. Take a peek at the first four!

Let’s start with the color of summery skies and rosy gardens.

tiny vintage tablecloth with big floral border

This little tablecloth is almost covered with big flower garlands.

It measures 36 by 32 inches.

grand floral border detail

Strawberries! Blue petunias? Or are those dogwood? Whatever they are they look even better in closeup.

The following tablecloth is a heavy rayon. Once upon a time it had two colors in its design.

vintage tablecloth with reversed blue bouquets

The cornflower blue on this tablecloth is unfaded, but another color is only a ghost.

Slightly more oblong than square, it measures 38 by 44 inches. I can’t exactly claim it’s itty bitty, can I?

faded highlights on vintage tablecloth

Slight shadows of another, fugitive color. Was it green? Red? Pink? I wish I knew.

I’m pretty sure the next tablecloth is a fragment of something bigger. Unlike the others, it’s hemmed on all four sides.

red roses in grid on vintage tablecloth

Romantic red roses fill each corner of this little tablecloth. The designer got a big impact from only two colors.

Whoever cut it down didn’t bother making it square. It’s 32 by 36 inches.

red rose bouquet in closeup

These red beauties will never wilt or fade–unless they’re bleached. Not going to happen in this house! I stick to Biz for soaking stains.

Last in this bunch, a coarse cotton tablecloth that’s naturally off white.

baskets of flowers on vintage tablecloth

The happy colors in these vintage baskets still look fresh.

It’s also 32 by 36 inches. Every time I pull it out I wish it were larger!

flower basket closeup on vintage tablecloth

Any wonder why I use this one the most?

Stay tuned for four more!

Have you found any small tablecloths? Are they as hard to find as I think they are?

We will be over the moon and totally love you if you share us with your friends!

2 Comments on “Tiny vintage table toppers, part 1”

  1. luray says:

    Hey, I think I have one or two “tinies”! I’ll have to excavate my stash. 😊