We go shopping for vintage treasures at Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Last month Luray and I were on vacation in Canada and OF COURSE we had to go shopping for vintage goodies at the appropriately named Lakeshore Antiques and Treasures near Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON.

antiques and treasures store niagara-on-the-lake

Yes, of course we drove hundreds of miles in search of vintage treasures!

We were hoping to find tablecloths (why we need more tablecloths I don’t exactly know) but weren’t terribly successful in that department. We DID have a lot of fun spending a few hours going through all the various booths in this huge, multi-dealer shop.

fire king jadelite and more

We loved the colorful collection of housewares in this booth close to the front desk. Too bad I couldn’t buy it all!

jadeite dutch girl cabinet

How cute is this? I couldn’t think of a place in my house to hang this little cabinet or it would have come home with me. (And I wish I could find lard to make pie crusts.)

stack of green pyrex bowls

Pyrex was plentiful throughout the store.

canadian blue pyrex

I love the Delphite blue color of Pyrex made in Canada, also called Bluebelle.

Bluebelle Pyrex made in Canada

Logo on the bottom of a Pyrex dish. Made in Canada, not the USA!

More Pyrex and fun colored plastics

I pretty much loved everything in this booth, too. That cookie jar! The tea pot! The way cool plastics on the top shelf that didn’t fit in this pic!

giant jar of vintage Christmas ornaments

Oh the temptation! This is only a fraction of the vintage Christmas ornaments in a huge case. I wanted them ALL.

fantastic 1950s fabric or vintage tablecloth

Great colors and texture on this tablecloth with fringed edges.

I don’t have an unlimited budget, so only a few things came home with me. All in my favorite colors, too!

plastic egg separators

Plastic egg separators. I couldn’t choose between red or jadeite green, so I bought both.

beaded plant hanger

The moment I saw this plastic beaded plant hanger I knew it would be perfect with a Fire-King jadeite flower pot in my kitchen window. Now I need a plant.

Saving the best for last: A huge Deer Brand Chinese thermos flask with garish lovely hand-painted roses. It needs a replacement cork stopper and it’s badly dented, but I couldn’t pass it up. The price was right.

Chinese deer brand thermos

I bought the cute red and white striped Thermos bottle there, too.

I also bought a vintage Canada souvenir scarf but left behind a brightly colored hooked rug with a leaping moose motif.

Luray bought some fabulous ceramic light sconces and a plaid mohair throw in a gorgeous shade of turquoise. I’m sure I talked her into something else, too, but I can’t remember now. Going through 5000 sq. feet of stuff was all a bit mind-boggling, especially since we didn’t have a whole day to browse.

If only it weren’t a day’s drive away! I’d love to go back. I hope YOU get to stop in!