“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!”


He loves me, he loves me not . . . . . do daisies always tell the truth?

“I’m half-crazy all for the love of you!
It won’t be a stylish marriage,
for I can’t afford a carriage.
But you’ll look sweet upon the seat
of a bicycle built for two!”

Do you know that old song?  It was new over a century ago! Our parents used to sing it together. Dad would play his guitar and sing the first verse, and Mom would reply with the second verse.

“Michael, Michael, here is my answer true:
I’ll not cycle over the world with you!
There won’t even be a marriage
if you can’t afford a carriage.
For I’ll get switched
if I get hitched
on a bicycle built for two!”

Wonder if Michael ever scraped up enough funds to marry Daisy properly.

Meanwhile, here are some daisy items I found while getting my Vintage Bazaar goodies together.

First, a sweet set of eight aluminum daisy coasters in a little caddy:

Yes, yes, I KNOW those are black-eyed susans in the background, not daisies. My daisies are all gone by. But they're in the same family.

Yes, yes, I KNOW those are black-eyed susans in the background. Not daisies. My daisies are all gone by. But they’re in the same family!

No maker’s mark, but they are really nice quality. I’m tempted to keep them!

And Vera cotton daisy napkins that look like they were never used:

Are they daisies? Or eggs done sunny-side-up?

Are they daisies? Or eggs done sunny-side-up?

And an adorable enameled steel child’s ironing board:


You’d probably still love to iron if you’d learned how on a cheerful board like this!

So cute that no ironing board pad is needed!


Alas, I don’t have the toy iron to match. When Janeray and I were small, we had one that actually heated up. Anybody else have one like that?

All of my daisy things are headed to this weekend’s Vintage Bazaar!

2 Comments on ““Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!””

  1. Jane Thibeault says:

    omgosh…I had the ironing board and a little tin iron to go with it. Somehow, I put it on our wood stove to heat up. I don’t know how I even picked it up but my Mom always told the story that I put it on her arm to see if it was hot!!! It was and I burned her. I must have been very young because I never remembered doing it. My poor sweet Mom. 😦

    • luray says:

      Jane, last year I sold a toy iron that had a tin body (it was red!) and a black plastic handle. If yours had a plastic handle too it would’ve stayed cool while the metal heated, right? Oh, the trouble we put our moms through! Yet they seem to love us anyway! 🙂