Daisy: the update!

So I strolled through the thrift store humming, “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!” to myself, and what turns up on the shelf?



Looks like Daisy got her man, her bicycle built for two, AND her hansom carriage. Lucky girl!

The universe sure has a funny sense of humor sometimes.

What if I’d been humming about a villa in Tuscany? Or a vintage bright red Austin Mini with a lime green kayak on top? Or a one-way ticket to England to visit the daughter who’s heading there next week?

Wouldn’t it have been nice to find those, too?

I can wish, can’t I?

These frosted iced-tea glasses were part of a fun 1950s or ’60s Anchor Hocking set printed with Gay Nineties snapshots. There’s the dashing Daisy and her mustached Michael on their tandem.


Not looking so shy and retiring, are you now, Daisy? And if your beau keeps leaning way over like that you’ll both lose your balance and end up in that chartreuse mud puddle.

The other two glasses are identical “Hansom” glasses.


Yes, I would love to be shuttled all over to do my shopping by a guy in a top hat and a big red cape. But that silly ladies’ hat with the feather thing wouldn’t look good on me.

The other designs in the set included “GAS BUGGY,” “KEYSTONE COPS,” “HORSE CAR,” “BARBERSHOP QUARTET,” and a muscle guy “AT THE BEACH.”  Collect ’em all!

These are going to the Vintage Bazaar!

One Comment on “Daisy: the update!”

  1. Lol when I was a kind, I had chronic lyricosis. I thought it was a HANDSOME cab ride! lol and the Bathroom was on the right! (CCR)