Thanks for a fantastic weekend at The Vintage Bazaar!

Flowers at Pettengill Farm

Love this great mix of bright fall colors!

Wow, did we ever have a BUSY weekend at The Vintage Bazaar! So here’s a big THANK YOU to all our fantastic customers who come back time and time again. You’re the BEST! We get a kick out of hearing how much you love our booth–it keeps us motivated to find fun, colorful treasures that you’ll love to take home.

For the first time ever we didn’t even have time to walk around and take photos–a very good problem! Thanks to Hannah for taking snaps of our Dish Sister’s booth:

The BIg Green Dresser

The Big Green Dresser finally sold! YAY!

vintage linens

Almost every apron went home with a new owner

vintage wool coat

Brrrrrr! Saturday morning there was frost on the ground. Almost time for wool coats!

vintage plaid blankets

The plaid wools were popular on a chilly Saturday.

copper topped canisters

vintage housewares

Lots of goodies for a vintage equipped kitchen, Maybe yours!

green table red stool

The red stool sold, the green table is still looking for a new home

more vintage housewares

vintage housewares

Stuff, stuff and MORE stuff!

Thanks to all our wonderful customers we had our best weekend ever at The Vintage Bazaar!

I’ll have to post a few more photos later. We’ve got a U-Haul truck to unload and then a seven-hour drive back home.