New life for a Moody Person’s vintage t-shirts

Does someone in YOUR house buy t-shirts with logos? Here at This Old Row House, ManRay had a drawer full of vintage tees he’s been collecting for decades. Here’s proof:

1993 harley museum tour shirt

Good heavens! This was jammed in the drawer since 1993! A few of them were even older.

These vintage gems of memories were hogging up too much space. So one day I secretly cleaned them out, ran them through the washer, and got them out of the house.

No, I didn’t take them to the thrift store! I sent them off to be made into a quilt.

full t-shirt quilt

Guaranteed one of a kind, and as unique as the guy who collected them. Now he can actually enjoy them all at the same time.

If he missed them, he didn’t say. (How could he not notice?!) But I wish you could have seen his face when he opened the box last night after his birthday cake and rediscovered all his old favorites.

agawam diner t-shirt

The Agawam has probably changed hands half a dozen times since this shirt was purchased. Update: The Agawam has NEVER changed hands (see note below).

moody person t-shirt

You’d be a Moody Person, too, if you couldn’t get your fix of lobster bisque and wild Maine blueberry pie.

mustache bills and harley t-shirts

Can you say “worn to bits”? There wasn’t much life left in the 1988 Harley shirt. Mustache Bill’s might have been a bit too pink to get into the rotation as often.

west taghkanic diner shirt

You should see the neon sign in person. It’s even better than you’d imagine.

I entrusted all these special shirts to 3 Stitch Creations, a shop I found on Etsy. They did a beautiful job from start to finish. I like that the shirt pieces weren’t fused to a backing, so the quilt isn’t stiff.

3 stitch creations tag

Cuddly back coordinates with the colors on the front. Great job by 3 Stitch Creations!

They let me know when the box of shirts arrived, gave a timeline for construction, sent photos of the layout before the pieces were sewn together, and helped me pick the perfect color for the backing. Most importantly, they got the finished quilt back in plenty of time for ManRay’s birthday. They get how special old t-shirts are to their owners.

I’ve never met the folks at 3 Stitch Creations, and they certainly don’t know I’m blowing their horn, but I’d highly recommend them if you want to clear out a t-shirt drawer! Go for it! You’ll make someone really happy.

4 Comments on “New life for a Moody Person’s vintage t-shirts”

  1. luray says:

    Actually I don’t think the Agawam has changed hands EVER. A couple new waitresses—we were there last night (meatloaf, chicken pie, beef stew!)—but same menu, same owners, same everyhing else. It would make the front page if anythibg changed. And leaveroom for pie!

  2. Loved this post and link to the Etsy shop. My kids have so many memorable t shirts that I have often thought about doing something like this for them. Yours turned out great!