Fabulous fall fun at Sage Farm

IMG_7022 Last weekend’s “Of Autumns Past” show at Sage Farm was all-out beautiful. Lots of natural wood, harvest colors, and sparkling lights. Here are a few of my favorite things.


Curves & color & BIG PRESENCE—this green rush-seated bench has it all. Somebody else thought so, too, and snapped it up on the first day of the show.

I loved this shapely green bench! The dealer said he’d got it from the elderly original owners. It was Hitchcock or Hitchcock-style when it was new, and after the black paint wore off they painted it green, and after the green wore off it they didn’t do a thing more. Genius.


I probably wouldn’t have thought to put out a wicker table for a fall show, but the yellow is a great foil for the toothy grins of the vintage jack-o-lantern buckets, isn’t it?

There was spooky stuff galore for Halloween decorating. IMG_7007 Several dealers featured vintage apothecary bottles—complete with original labels but minus the poisonous contents!


Little oak card files and big metal document drawers. [heart!]


Old sewing notions counter? Hardware? Linens? Maybe even a sacristy cabinet from a decommissioned church?

There were lots of pieces with drawers, including several huge and amazing apothecary cabinets. I couldn’t get good photos of them because it seemed there was always a customer or two standing smack in front trying out the drawers and figuring where o where they’d put them in their houses.

In case it isn't obvious yet, I have a thing for lots of little drawers.

In case it isn’t obvious yet, I have a thing for lots of little drawers. Here are FORTY FIVE of them! [double heart]

My very favorite cabinet of drawers, though, belonged to my booth-next-door neighbor. She showcased a three-stack of hardrock maple library card catalog drawers, complete with the brass pulls and the little pull-out shelves. I just love these. I don’t have a place to put one, but by golly I’m still going to carry that torch and you can’t stop me. And then my booth neighbor went and kicked the color factor up a notch by loading this old parts drawer on top. And then my neighbor kicked the color factor up a notch by loading this old parts drawer on top.

Thanksgiving dinner, anyone?

Thanksgiving dinner, anyone?

There was a huge set of Johnson Brother’s “Friendly Village” china, with all the hard-to-find pieces like the giant platter and the covered tureen.

Not Pendleton, but still gorgeous!

Not Pendleton, but still gorgeous! This is the perfect coat to wear for walking through the woods on a late autumn day.

This lovely deep orange wool blanket coat was a size small—too tiny for me, alas. The woman who bought it wouldn’t let anyone carry it down to the checkout room for her. I think she didn’t want to let it go!

A great show!

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  1. I saw something I fell in love with at a local antique mall I think you would also appreciate. Not sure how to attach pictures but would love to share it here.

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