Vintage finds in Fall colors heading to Sage Farm

I’ve been hot on the trail of warm Fall colors to take to Sage Farm’s November show. First up, an 1920’s orange compote (or comport) with a wide gold rim. The glass is clear, the orange is a layer applied on the outside.

1920s orange and gold compote

Can’t you just picture this fiery piece on your Thanksgiving buffet?

The more I look at it the more I’m tempted to keep it for myself! I’ll have to wrap it up and tuck it in a tote now.  

beaded green pepper in bowl

The gold rim simply glows next to the orange. I love it with my beaded green pepper, but it would look great filled with bunches of grapes.

Next, a few things to ward off the chill as the nights grow longer. This reversible wool blanket is amazing heavy and large enough to cover two laps with room to spare. You could go dashing through the snow in a sleigh under this blanket and never feel a chill.

heavy wool blanket

So thick you could almost use it as a rug. The colors seem so 1940s to me. One side is coral and brown.

reverse side of woolly blanket

The opposite side has jadeite green. The whole thing makes me think of knotty pine paneling in a cozy cabin.

wooly blanket detail

I could be wrong, but I think the brown is created just by mixing the coral and green.  How cool is that?

You could be the first person ever to snuggle under this hot-colored crocheted afghan. Never used!

zigzag crochet afghan

Leaping flames of color will warm you up even without a fireplace.

Add a spark of color to your sofa or armchair.

homemade velvet and crochet pillow

I couldn’t resist this homemade velvet pillow with crazy loops of crochet edging. Luray said “meh!” So is it thumbs up or thumbs down for you?

Take some warmth along anywhere with a plaid polyester stadium blanket–a real blast from the past. 1970s, to be exact.

varsity plaid blanket

Take your horse on a picnic! The original label features a saddle and a plate of apples and cheese. Cheese for you, apples for the horse.

The carrying case is long gone, but that’s no excuse for leaving this blanket behind. According to the tag, if you’re going places you need it!

odd graphics

I’d keep it in my trunk for padding vintage treasures on the way home. (Why are so many of their body parts missing? How hard IS it to draw feet? Or legs?)

Vintage aluminum has been hot, hot, hot for us all year. It sells as fast as we put it out.

heavy aluminum double leaf dish

Fill this versatile serving piece with cashews and caramels, or two kinds of olives, or two different dips for crudites, or use it for your house keys and pocket change.

Be the first person to top a table with this vintage tablecloth. You could layer it over a larger white cloth on a big table, or use it by itself on a smaller Thanksgiving desserts table. Imagine how nice it would play with pecan and pumpkin pies…

vintage fall tablecloth

Never used! Even though it’s card table sized, I’d keep it off the kids’ table to avoid umpteen stains.

Stuff it or frame it–this vintage pillow cover would look great on your wall or on your sofa.

painted velvet pillow cover

Just what you need to go along with those antlers that are sooooo popular right now.

Last for this batch, but certainly not least, some honest-to-goodness vintage attire. This plaid cotton sport shirt has never been out of its package.

vintage flannel shirt

Some really lucky size M guy (or gal!) is going to get to rock this 1970s SANFORIZED shirt. (I looked it up: That means it won’t shrink even though it’s 100% cotton. Good to know!)

Stay tuned for more previews! The November show is only three weeks away now!

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  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Great stuff! Love the campus plaid, especially!