I went overboard on old school

I just went overboard on buying old school metal bookends. One is good, many is fabulous!

instant vintage bookend collection

I couldn’t decide which ones I liked best. So I bought them all.

I fell for the color, of course. Color always comes first.

vintage green metal bookends

There’s just something about this green…

There are three different styles:

1950s industrial green Demco bookend

This pair seems the oldest. 1940s or 50s, perhaps. Made by Demco.

flange front bookends

What’s the purpose of the side flanges? Sturdier? Makes a space on the shelf? Maybe a librarian would know.

flat front vintage bookends

The flat fronts are simple and modern.

All with smooth cork bottoms.

vintage bookends cork bottoms

Guaranteed not to scratch wood shelves or desktops. Or marble countertops.

Obviously, I have enough to share with YOU at Sage Farm this fall and winter. But I’m sorely tempted to keep a pair for my kitchen counter.

vintage bookends and cookbooks

Poor Betty Crocker has taken a beating! It was a wedding present in 1978.

Where would YOU put a pair?

3 Comments on “I went overboard on old school”

  1. Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage says:

    I was at a sale and a vendor had a bunch of those she had spray painted with bright, trendy colors like coral and aqua and yellow and gray. They were cute and selling well!

  2. luray says:

    Ooooh nooooo! Don’t mess with that lovely green!