How far would you go to salvage vintage linoleum?

Would you go five miles? Fifty? How about all of 10,000 miles?

Honestly, I wouldn’t go THAT far, so I had it sent to me instead. I bought a piece of art made from recycled linoleum and other vintage goodies from BettyJo Designs in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s a peek:

vintage linoleum and buttons

Bits of speckled and solid linoleum and stacks of vintage buttons

Real mixed media, it has a splash of bright floral embroidery and linoleum that looks like lace from a distance.

flower embroidery

The tiny details really make it special.

red lips frida mustache

Up close you can see the linoleum is showing its age

So what is it?

Did you guess a face? You were right!

Here’s looking at you!

Hello, Frida!

She’s just about life sized and ready to hang on a wall. Now all I need is a drill to make a hole in my vintage plaster wall…

She's just about life sized and ready to hang on a wall.

Have you bought anything decorative lately? What was it?

2 Comments on “How far would you go to salvage vintage linoleum?”

  1. That is super cool and what a fun way to repurpose old lino.