Would you believe I found even MORE tiny vintage table toppers?

I never expect to find vintage tablecloths when I’m thrift shopping, but the past few months have been exceptionally surprising. Would you like to see my newest tiny table toppers?

First up, a bright sailcloth piece with Wilendur-style pattern blocks. (It doesn’t have a pink stain. I took a crummy photo. No one will pin it on Pinterest now.)

vintage tablecloth

It’s 30″ long and was cut from yardage 36″ wide. Two edges are hemmed, the other two are selvages.

Could these be daisies? They have too many petals for cosmos and the wrong sort of leaves for asters. If you know the name of this pattern let me in on the secret!

daisy tablecloth

I think it’s probably a kitchen towel, but that’s not as fun as saying “tiny table topper.”

The next one really is a Wilendur and has a tag to prove it. You’ll have to take my word for it–I didn’t remember to snap a picture.

These colors are so 1950s!

These colors are soooo 1950s

Hemmed on all four sides, it’s 32 x 34″. I love the sunny yellow but gray roses are a bit grim.

wilendur rose detail

No romance here! These roses have thorns on chocolate brown stems.

Next up is a Startex in a big red, black and white woven check.

startex red and white check

I wish it were big enough to fit my kitchen table. At only 36 x 44″ it’s a couple inches too small.

It was cut from 44″ yardage and has only two hems. I thought it was homemade and got surprised when I found the stiff, new tag.

startex tablecloth tag

I don’t think this cloth was ever used. Everything about it is crisp and fresh.

I saved my favorite for last. It’s homemade out of muslin and is sprinkled with small stains. I haven’t tried getting them out yet.

applique borders on muslin tablecloth

The center is plain muslin, it’s the patchwork borders that sing.

Look closely and you’ll find basting stitches that were never removed.

muslin cloth and applique border

Twenty different fabrics make up the patchwork border. All four of the corners are red.

I suppose some of the fabric could be feedsacks or scraps of clothing. The black outlining embroidery is so 1930s-1940s.

tablecloth corner

36″ square with the best hem ever!

What do you think: are these kitchen towels or card table toppers?

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5 Comments on “Would you believe I found even MORE tiny vintage table toppers?”

  1. Emmy says:

    oh absolutely adore the yellow background one with the grey roses! Perfection 😀

  2. luray says:

    I love the scrappy edge one. So much work! But so colorful and pretty.

    • janeray says:

      Im fascinated by the different priorities/aesthetics the maker had. Someone put so much work into a tablecloth (or towel). No one would do that today. We have paper towels and dollar store plastic tablecloths–everything disposable.