Unfinished? Unsuccessful? Unglamourous? You betcha!

Do you ever get tired of perfect Pinterest homescapes? Bloggers that have it all together? Well now’s your day to feel relieved, normal and possibly even superior. Yes, my house is a creative disaster area right now. The December Sage show is rushing up FAST and I’ve got everything started, nothing finished. My dining room table looks like this:

How many things can I start and not finish? It's infinite!

How many things can I start and not finish? It’s infinite!

The kitchen counter looks like this:

glue gun mess

At least it’s contained in an old drawer. Fat consolation!

I’ve got heaps of vintage Christmas balls in at least three different places, just waiting to get remade into wreaths and whatnot.

shiny brites in boxes

The tip of the iceberg. Though probably not enough to sink the Titanic.

Things like this are happening and dripping tinsel all over the floors:

christmas goodies

Shiny! Vintage! I need more! More!

And some things are NOT happening. Like gingerbread doll fixing.

gingerbread doll surgery

She’s on the breakfast table, but not edible.

More things are half happening. I keep flailing away at this pot holder rug in the hope it will get off the dining room table and onto the hallway floor where it belongs. Soon!

stitching potholder rug

My half finished potholder rug. It will be a blog post one of these days. Promise!

One dining room wall is resplendent with a quilt top I started last month. Or was it two months ago? I’ve lost track.

quilt top design

It’s getting to be a permanent fixture!

And then there are three vintage quilt tops I’m repairing. Simultaneously. The back of my Honda filled with vintage goodies I thrifted and haven’t dragged into the house yet. The “learning to crochet” wadded thing and the “knit and tear out and repeat” thing in a basket in the living room. And… Well, that’s all I’m confessing to today. Let’s blame it all on OCD or ADD or something.

How are things at YOUR house? Please tell me I’m not alone!

3 Comments on “Unfinished? Unsuccessful? Unglamourous? You betcha!”

  1. luray says:

    Oi! Don’t leave that blue tape on your wallpaper! It’s only meant to go up for a couple days before the adhesive gets stickier and does Very Bad Things to what it’s stuck to. This is the Voice of Experience speaking, ignore it at your peril!

  2. luray says:

    And also . . . my house looks WORSE. 🙂