What does it say about me that the object I loved most at Sage Farm was . . . a vintage air compressor?


Don’t even answer that, okay?

Because I already KNOW I’m weird, okay?

Seriously, how do I love this thing? Let me count the ways.

First of all, it’s RED.

Even its electrical cord is red. How can you not love that?!


Second, it was sold by Montgomery Ward.

That means it was pictured in a mail-order catalog, and regular guys who wanted to outfit their woodshop or garage could just order it up and have it delivered.

“Hello? Montgomery Ward? I’d like to order a couple pairs of Levis and a red air compressor please!” Somebody actually said that sentence.


Third, it’s heartbreakingly Streamline. Get a load of that grille.


They say, “Deco.” I say, “Streamline.” But I’m certain we agree on “Wow!”

I double-dare you to find a modern shop tool with even a smidgen of the conscious design sensibility you see here.


Fourth, it works! The cute young dealers who brought it down from Cape Neddick, Maine assured me that it ran just fine.


Now if I could only come up with a compelling reason to actually own an air compressor. . . .











7 Comments on “What does it say about me that the object I loved most at Sage Farm was . . . a vintage air compressor?”

  1. janeray says:

    Um….attach a paint sprayer for painting furniture?

    • luray says:

      But then I might accidentally spray some other color on that awesome Red-ness . . . . can’t bear to think of it!

  2. Joel gives these suggestions: dust your furniture (nail down the nicknacks first), Power a nail gun. Inflate your air mattresses or blow up balloons. Here’s mine: point it at your face and have your sister take glamour shots of you with the windblown look to paste here on the blog for our enlightenment and entertainment.

    • luray says:

      Love the dusting idea, because I totally HATE dusting and always have. Gee, I wonder why. 🙂 Don’t own a nail gun—YET. And I don’t think it would be so much the “windblown” look as the “hanging onto the nearest streetlamp in a raging hurricane” look, but that could be cool, too.

  3. I love that! Soo cool!

  4. You needed that compressor ln case you ever have a flat tire! How about your cool retro bicycle? Ya gots to have air!