Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


Gobble gobble!

Hey, it’s still Thanksgiving, isn’t it?

At Lurayville there is still a lot of turkey in the fridge, along with apple-cranberry pie and pumpkin pie, so it’s still the holiday for us even though I’m going back to work today in the new-fallen snow.

We’re leaving our Thanksgiving decorations up, too. Which is easy, because there are only two of them: that melty plastic popcorn turkey, and this melty plastic popcorn Pilgrim boy.

Watch out, he's got a toy musket! There is a little Pilgrim girl, too, but I haven't found her in the wild yet.

Watch out, he’s got a toy musket! A little Pilgrim girl was made, too, but I haven’t found her in the wild yet.

I love these things. They’re so tacky they’re awesome.

They’re made with shreds of colored plastic “popcorn” bits squished and melted together. Like an 1960s industrial version of today’s melty Perler beads that my kids still love. So they’re weatherproof and pretty indestructible, really.

Usually melty plastic popcorn decorations are made of solid color blobs, like our little Pilgrim Boy. No subtlety there. But once in a while you get new colors made by mixing different plastic popcorn colors together. Like on the turkey’s wing:


Sky blue, green, gray, and black makes teal! From a distance, anyway.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, hope it’s turkey-filled and good!

2 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving weekend!”

  1. Somebody worked some magic with that pilgrim boy and did a really good job. I usually pass on those quirky decorations, but he is pretty nifty.

    • luray says:

      Laurie, I think he was commercially made! I’m guessing that because I found his identical twin brother weeks later in a different thrift shop. Still haven’t found their cute sister, though. I think they’d be a fun display all lined up together.