Four quilts at the November Sage Farm show

They’re all beauts!

First up, check out this tied quilt displayed on the wall. This must be Grandmother’s Flower Garden at dusk. That splash of red down the middle is startling!


I like how the dealer picked up the red with the plaid blanket tucked under the table.

There was a sweet yoyo quilt in feminine pastel prints.

Not the greatest pic, I know. It was draped over a chair.

Not the greatest pic, I know. It was draped over a chair.

Our grandmother had a similar yo-yo quilt she’d made on her own bed in her farmhouse. Whenever I see these quilts, I think of her.

How about this stunning 1940s Pennsylvania Amish Sunshine & Shadow quilt? The label said it was made for the maker’s daughter, who wanted a “more modern” design.

That's a battered stained glass window above the quilt, in case you're wondering.

That’s a battered stained glass window leaning against the high transom window of the barn wall above the quilt, in case you’re wondering.

Not exactly plain and unexciting, is it? The dark blue binding is very wide, and in the lower right corner you can see how the feather quilting loops gracefully around the corners. The quilting on the pieced bits is simpler, and the dark thread really stands out.


The backing is a surprise—it’s a print!


One more: a charming 1940s hand-appliqued quilt top featuring crossed tulips and pineapples. Or maybe crossed tulips and ears of corn. Hard to tell.


So cheerful!


Which one’s your favorite?

12 Comments on “Four quilts at the November Sage Farm show”

  1. The yo-yo quilt is my favorite!

    • luray says:

      It’s very delicate and pretty, isn’t it? There’s a Japanese-made plastic form you can buy nowadays that lets you shape perfect yo-yos in no time flat. This quilt was made the old, time-consuming way of cutting out perfect circles and meticulously stitching them. Aargh, I can’t even imagine how much time it must have taken to make a couple thousand yo-yos!

  2. notewords says:

    Amazing! I love the colour combinations.

  3. Emmy says:

    Love, love! Need to find myself some as good as these!

  4. pamkirst2014 says:

    They’re all stunning, but the sunshine and shadow quilt is amazing. I would have thought that was 1960’s or ’70’s influence, not the ’40’s!

    • luray says:

      Pam, I was surprised too! But the dealer who showed it knew her stuff, and had documentation from the early ’40s with even the maker’s name, since the quilt was made for a family member and not as a tourist piece. By the way, the piecing is rayon, not cotton!

  5. janeray says:

    Sooo hard to pick! I love the plaids and stripes and red in the Grandma’s Flower Garden, but then those feedsack fabrics in the yoyo are to die for. And the handwork in the Amish quilt!!!! The tulips make me think of the furniture Dad painted. Good thing I wasn’t there to drool all over everything.

  6. janeray says:

    And I want the red plaid blanket, too! Aaaaarrgh!