I’m making the season bright and gluey

Thank goodness this is a joint blog because Luray has been posting and posting while I have been glooping hot glue on lots of vintage stuff to make Christmas wreaths. I’ve got a baker’s dozen to send to Sage Farm next week for the December show.

Ready for the Big Reveal? Here’s wreath number one…

red vintage ornament wreath with birds

Ta da! Silver and red birds, balls, bling and Santa.

And another…

Christmas wreath vintage elf plastic ornament

Elf NOT on a shelf.

And another…

Christ wreath vintage plastic poinsettias

Glittered plastic poinsettias and a glittered plastic sputnik star.

And another…

vintage Christmas ornament flowers with pink bulbs

I confess I stole this design idea from Magpie Ethel, the Queen of Vintage Christmas Crafting. I’m in awe of her amazing hoard of vintage stuff and her amazing creativity.

And another (this is getting repetitious!)

red christmas wreath with white vintage lamps

I love doing these Stegosaurus wreaths with old lamps. Now that the world has switched to LED lights they’re getting harder to find.

And another!

vintage blue ornament wreath

I’m betting someone out there will be having an Blue Christmas.

Last one for tonight…

christmas wreath tin tray vintage ornaments

Old tin tray circled with faded balls that remind me of cherry tomatoes.

Stay tuned for more!

6 Comments on “I’m making the season bright and gluey”

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Wow! The trigger finger of my glue gun hand is gettin’ itchy! These are amazing!

  2. I thought that one looked a bit familiar. Glad I could provided some inspiration!

  3. luray says:

    I love how you photographed each one on a perfect background!