Just a little more textile goodness from Sage Farm

I can’t help myself. If it was textile-y at November’s Sage Farm show, I probably snapped a photo of it.

The same dealer who had the amazing Old Order Amish “Sunshine & Shadow” quilt also had this set of painted wooden “Color Cubes.” She didn’t think they were intended specifically for quilters, though. Instead, they were the equivalent of modern pattern blocks. My kids had a set of those and loved them! I can totally see a quilter playing around with these.


Here’s an amazing hand-carved wooden stamp for wallpaper or fabric. It’s very carefully designed to “tile” repeated impressions into one overall design of interlocking circles.


You can see spatters of primary-color paint on the wood!

The protruding bits are not wood, but lengths of heavy wire. Getting all the pieces sunk to the same depth must have been a job!


The empty holes show where some bits of wire have been lost.

The sides have curved fingerholds carved in, so the user could get a good grip.


One end has a painted number, presumably for the pattern.


And the back is battered and spattered!


With a modern picture hanger, too!

One more special thing: a gorgeous handwoven linen towel or runner in red and white. That is as lovely a piece of overshot as you’ll ever see.


I just love how the dealer displayed it with a few simple things in red and green. The hooked mat of shaded red maple leaves is pretty nice, too!