More shiny Christmas stuff coming to Sage Farm

True confession: I’ve never sold anything I’ve made. I hope that still isn’t true after the upcoming Dear Santa show at Sage Farm. I’ve got a small collection of Christmas wreaths about to make their public debut.

Have a look!

hot pink vintage ornament wreath

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, this magenta and silver vintage ornament wreath might just be it.

Not impressed? Well then how about this one?

christmas wreath plastic poinsettia

I love this huge plastic poinsettia that’s drenched in glitter.

Or this one…

red vintage ornament wreath

Red and sparkly!

Or this one!

elf with red and green balls

Someone gave this elf a new body, so I ran with it.

Don’t like crochet? How about satin?

vintage satin ball wreath

If you’ve got an aluminum tree you NEED this, too!

And the very final wreath:

vintage ornament wreath

I like this design so much I did it three times. I hope someone else likes them enough to take them all home!

Heading to Sage Farm this weekend? Our booth is on the second floor. Come on up to see our vintage Christmas decorations, furniture, tablecloths, blankets, bar ware, dishes, serving pieces, and much, much more! (See the rest of the wreaths here.)

One Comment on “More shiny Christmas stuff coming to Sage Farm”

  1. Emmy says:

    You are so talented…let us know if you sell any!