Get red wax off a white tablecloth in five simple steps – update!

Last week I found a wonderful candlestick thing that I HAD to use with a vintage Christmas tablecloth. Don’t they look great together? Especially with matching red candles.

tablecloth with red candles

Of course the candles DRIPPED! What was I thinking?!

Fortunately for me, this tablecloth can be rescued. Here’s how to do it:

1. FREEZE: Put the tablecloth in the freezer for about an hour. You want the wax to completely harden.

red wax on white tablecloth

Don’t blot, rub or disturb the wax. Most of it will be sitting on the surface of the fabric.

2. SCRAPE: Use a smooth, thin knife to carefully scrape off the frozen wax. Use the blade, not the point, or you’ll risk making holes.

scraping red wax off tablecloth

Oops! There isn’t a big pink stain. I had a red and green tablecloth underneath.

Not all of the wax will come off. That’s okay. You don’t want to damage the fabric by scraping too hard.

after scraping wax off

The big blobs are gone, but some wax has gone deeper into the fibers.

3. TREAT: Place the tablecloth on a couple layers of paper towels. Saturate the corner of another paper towel with Goo Gone and blot the remaining wax. The wax will dissolve and the red will fade. Give it time to work.

faint red wax stains after blotting

4. RINSE: Stretch the tablecloth over your kitchen sink and rinse the blotted spots with boiling water. I used a completely filled tea kettle.

boiling water rinse

At this point I can’t even tell where the wax was.

5. LAUNDER: Rub your favorite laundry detergent into the treated areas and wash the tablecloth in hot water. You’ll need extra detergent to remove the oily Goo Gone.

fresh out of the washer

This is how it looked fresh out of the washer. No red spots! No pink spots!

I line dried the tablecloth since it appeared ready to go on the table again.

another tablecloth saved

Whoops! I can’t see them in person, but the photo shows up two pale spots.

Back into the washer! This time I added a scoop of Biz, my favorite stain treatment.

tablecloth after second washing

That’s more like it!

I absolutely can’t tell there was red wax anywhere. One more vintage tablecloth saved! Yay!