On the first day of Christmas: Christmas brunch placesetting

Ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Our house will be full of family this holiday season, so we’ve decided to pull out a different vintage tablecloth every day. Last night I set the table for brunch. Only four of us will be sitting down to French toast and Mimosas:

vintage tablecloth christmas brunch setting

At the moment all is calm, all is very bright! I love the twisted candy cane border on the tablecloth.

Who needs coffee when you’ve got this to wake your eyes?

1960s poinsettia tablecloth

Hot pink and red? Yes, please!

Iridescent white Federal Moonglow dishes make a great contrast. The napkins are vintage Fallani and Cohn.

federal moonglow placesetting

Moonglow at breakfast? Why not?

I can’t wait to get the day going!

vintage poinsettia setting

I hope you have a wonderful day with YOUR family and friends! Merry First Day of Christmas!

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