Tiny nativity

“Once in royal David’s city stood a lowly cattle shed . . .”


” . . . where a tiny mother laid her tiny baby in a tiny manger for a tiny bed.”

Tiny crèche scenes! I can’t resist them.

This Japanese-made wooden one might not qualify as exactly “tiny”: it’s a whopping 9 inches across.

But it has everything a proper crèche needs.

A mature-looking Joseph, with a quizzical cow.


Amazingly, he has not lost his delicate little staff! Most vintage nativity scenes have Joseph and the shepherds clutching air.

A young Mary in a blue mantle, with a watchful donkey who doesn’t care that he’s lost a bit of one ear.


Sheep! We need a sheep! There’s one right behind Mary.

And of course the baby, who never seems to be swaddled in these things.


Even though he’s so tiny, you really could count all his fingers and toes. That’s probably the theology of the incarnation in a (tiny) nutshell.

Don’t forget the star! This one is tattered cardboard that was heavily glittered. It’s held up by a wobbly brad on one end and one of the miniature lights on the other.


It’s hard to capture in a photograph, but the back wall of the stable is sparkling with glitter, too!

That’s all for today’s mouse-sized merriment, folks!