On the third day of Christmas: more vintage Christmas tablecloths

This year our house is full of family so we’re splattering vintage tablecloths with gravy, cranberry sauce (and worse) at every meal. Want to see the fabric casualties? Of course you do! First up, a vividly colored tablecloth festooned (no one ever says this word in real life!) with poinsettias and holly garlands:

vintage poinsettia tablecloth detail

The colors are even better in person

vintage poinsettia christmas tablecloth setting

The china is Snowflake by Harmony House (vintage Sears). I found it years ago in a thrift shop.

I used to be a matchy-matchy purist and only use the snowflake china with a jadeite green tablecloth I’d dyed to match. This year anything goes. This is life, not a magazine shoot.

snowflake china and poinsettias placesetting

Hazel Atlas striped tumblers and vintage poinsettia napkins

It went off to the laundry and got replaced with this one:

silvery holly vintage tablecloth design

I suspect this pattern was more glittery when new, but I don’t care. It’s still festive.

I like the way the iridescent Federal Moonglow plates stand out against the dark green.

vintage green holly tablecloth

This time I remembered the vintage Christmas tumblers.

christmas tumblers

moonglow placesetting

Paper napkins are pretty much perfect for grandkids.

So far it’s fun, but that’s probably because I haven’t started washing and ironing. Will I make it through all twelve days of Christmas? Stay tuned!

One Comment on “On the third day of Christmas: more vintage Christmas tablecloths”

  1. luray says:

    Oh my! I want to come to your house and see all your amazing Christmas tablecloths in person! 🙂