How far would you go to salvage vintage linoleum?

Would you go five miles? Fifty? How about all of 10,000 miles?

Honestly, I wouldn’t go THAT far, so I had it sent to me instead. I bought a piece of art made from recycled linoleum and other vintage goodies from BettyJo Designs in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s a peek:

vintage linoleum and buttons

Bits of speckled and solid linoleum and stacks of vintage buttons

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The dough that wouldn’t die

I had to try to salvage the dough from the awful recipe my grandmother (correctly) said was “no damn good”. What if it only needed a little tweaking? What a waste to toss out all that good sugar!

The consensus seemed to indicate a little more moisture was in order. So I measured out some shortening, cracked an egg and dumped them in my trusty Kitchenaid mixer.

goop in the mixing bowl

This ought to goop it up a bit…

Yep, there’s more!

When towels are more than towels

I was flipping through the kitchen linens at a thrift store on Saturday afternoon when a flash of vintage fabric caught my eye.

vintage feed sacks

I knew instantly I’d found a goldmine of old feedsacks made into kitchen towels. The price? One dollar each. Yes, YES, and YES!!! Can you say “Quilting Heaven”?

But after a closer look I knew I wouldn’t be cutting quilt blocks after all.

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An apparition from Halloween 1960-something


halloween 1960 something

Here I am with my two younger brothers on Halloween in the mid-1960s. I don’t know what happened to this photo. It’s the ghost of a memory. My legless brother, dressed as the devil, levitates with a grinning pumpkin. I’m a toothy witch with a zig-zagged cape and dotted apron. And HUGE feet! The house is melting, the candle behind me is teetering, my baby brother is running away. We might all disappear at any moment.

You know you’re in trouble when the box reeks

I don’t fall for online shopping very often anymore. You get burned one too many times and swear you’ll never do it again. But you do anyhow. You read the description over and over, check the feedback, pore over the pictures, bid carefully, and somehow think that THIS TIME will be different.

This time I knew I was in trouble even before I opened the box. The mail carrier dropped it off first thing in the morning. Get it out of the truck! It reeked of smoke covered with perfume-y laundry stuff.

I’d bought this “quilt” that looked so fantastic in the pictures. It’s tied with yarn, not quilted, so technically it’s a comforter:

vintage star quilt

Oh, you’re so lovely in a picture.

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