Month of Makeovers Day 23: From trashy hardware to flashy centerpiece

I almost threw the hardware for this makeover in the scrap metal recycling bin.

2013-10-23 07.26.04

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Month of Makeovers, Day 20 1/2: I’ve got mail!


Sorry about missing Sunday, everybody. Here at Lurayville we spent the day getting a window back into a wall and getting a flight of steps off a deck. Yes, they were makeovers, but not anything of which you’d probably care to see pictures.

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Month of Makeovers Day 21: A purse goes wild and woolly

What do you get when you combine an ugly 1940s handbag with a moth-eaten vintage scarf?

Would you believe an accessory I’m going to love using this fall?

It all started with a handbag I bought at the flea market probably fifteen years ago. Maybe twenty! I liked the caramel colored plastic kiss-lock frame. The rest of it is an eyesore. Glitzy applique on rough textured fabric? Ugh. Cheap goldtone chain attached by eye hooks? Double ugh.


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Month of Makeovers Day 19: Furniture FAIL redemption, maybe

These chairs for extra seating were left unfinished on Day 15 of our Month of Makeovers. Today was the day to get cracking and complete them.

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Month of Makeovers Day 18: On Halloween Pins & Needles!

thumbnailI started my afterschool sewing classes this week. That means I get to play around with wool, cotton, thread, pins, needles, scissors, and ideas with a bunch of elementary school kids who don’t bring any of my neurotically grown-up “Make It Perfect Or It’s No Good!” vibe to the party.

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