Obies, the fabric hoarding store of your dreams

Goodville, Pennsylvania is just a blip of a town. You drive through it before you realize you even arrived. Its biggest claim to fame is the legendary hoard of quilting fabric in Obies Country Store, an unassuming clapboard house with a 1960s sign over the porch.

A friend and I went fabric shopping there last week, like going to Fabric Mecca on Holiday. I was overwhelmed just by stepping inside. This is extreme hoarding without the bad smells or squashed cats.

obies fabric hoard

Come on in!  This is what you see when you open the door. Be brave! Keep going!

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How far would you go to salvage vintage linoleum?

Would you go five miles? Fifty? How about all of 10,000 miles?

Honestly, I wouldn’t go THAT far, so I had it sent to me instead. I bought a piece of art made from recycled linoleum and other vintage goodies from BettyJo Designs in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s a peek:

vintage linoleum and buttons

Bits of speckled and solid linoleum and stacks of vintage buttons

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Back from a vacation shopping spree!

vintage treasures from antique shopping spree

All this and MORE! Yes, I couldn’t fit it all into one picture.

Tablecloths! Aprons! Vintage fabric! Thermoses! (Or is that thermi?)

This is what happens when two vintage-crazy sisters go on a nine-day vacation with the ulterior motive of hitting as many antique shops as possible between the Finger Lakes in upper New York and Niagara Falls, ON.

Sadly, I don’t have time this morning to show the rest of my loot. In the week to come I’ll have better photos and mini reviews of the great shops we visited in Canadaigua, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Corning.

So stay tuned for more vintage goodness! We left lots of great stuff behind for you!

Fabulous Florida fun at Flukes!

Fabulous Florida textile fun, that is!

Fabulous vintage Florida textile fun, that is!

Here’s what I spied on the sidewalk outside Flukes & Finds & Friends this afternoon.

A vintage state souvenir apron . . . that had never been used. Somebody from New England visited the Sunshine State, brought home a colorful and useful apron, and stuck it away in a drawer for 60 years.


It’s even got the original tag.

Heck yeah, there’s more!

Today’s Flukes streetscape


Outside Flukes today: blues & greens with a splash of pink.

This week is the annual Yankee Homecoming downtown. It’s a big deal—sidewalk sales, craft fairs, kids’ activities, outdoor concerts–you name it, it’s happening downtown.

So after I’d made my run to the bank and the post office, I stopped by one of my favorite shops: Flukes & Finds & Friends. This shop is chock full of vintage furniture, repurposed finds, linens, art, estate jewelry, and a lot more in really inviting displays. The prices are reasonable, the dealers are friendly.

They’re not paying me to write this, honest!

Out on the sidewalk, Flukes usually has a great display. Today was no exception.

See what I found!