Month of Makeovers, Day 24 & Thursday Hack Flashback: Old Joe Crow perches on my porch

It started with a new fence.

The old cedar fence rotted right out of the ground. So Dad pulled out the posts and crossbars, and stacked them in a giant pile in the backyard, where they stayed for the next twenty years. (You never know when you might need old cedar fence pieces.)

Except for one of the posts. That one became . . .


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Month of Makeovers Day 17: Thursday Hack Flashback with Crullers

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” was how the 99% lived during the Great Depression. That’s why my favorite cooking spoon was shaped from a scrap of stainless steel. My grandfather, who was fortunate to have work as a machinist for USSteel, cut it out, hammered it into shape and ground the edges smooth.

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Month of Makeovers Day 10: it’s our Thursday Hack Flashback!

We’re ten days into our Month of Makeovers!

Janeray and I have decided we’re going to make our Thursday posts be quick little looks-back to where we got our vintage hacking genes. Let’s call it a Hack Flashback!

Today’s Hack Flashback is this amazing lamp my dad made. He loved making lamps and was always on the lookout for bases, lamp parts, and anything really—chunks of marble, brass doodads, glass bits, you name it.


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