Vintage lights for lengthening Fall nights

Thrifting has been good this week. I snapped up three pieces of vintage Hazel Atlas Platonite glassware in October colors. Since they’re not madly desirable they’d be hard to sell in our Dish Sister’s booth. I decided right away I’d re-purposed them as candles.

vintage Hazel Atlas Platonite

Moderntone Platonite sherbets in orange and pale yellow, Newport Hairpin sugar bowl in orange. Probably no one is looking for these exact pieces for their Hazel Atlas collection.

Years ago I bought boxes of pure beeswax candles on closeout sale from a famous housewares store/catalog. When they arrived I was disappointed to discover they were all a blah, mis-matched range of beige. I didn’t want to pay return postage so I tossed them in a drawer.

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Kool-Aid dyeing is fruity fiber fun!

I filled my old ironstone tureen with butterflies of wool yarn in bright Kool Aid colors.

I filled my old ironstone tureen with butterflies of wool yarn in bright Kool-Aid colors.

Want a little homemade fiber fun before the summer is over?

Did you know you can dye wool with Kool-Aid?

We do it every summer at my weaving camp for kids. It’s easy, it’s non-toxic, and it’s very fun to experiment with the different colors you can create.

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Simple embroidery? It’s just ducky for beginners.

Janeray’s wonderful day-of-the-week dishtowels reminded me that I’ve got some darling vintage embroidery pieces in my stash that are bound for September’s Vintage Bazaar.

I think all of them are easy enough for even a beginning stitcher to enjoy making.

Like this sweet cotton towel with a little Dutch washerwoman. Isn’t her flowered skirt adorable?

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Thinking like a [sane] quilter

Months ago somebody handed me a bag full of quilt bits their grandmother or great-aunt had left them, because I like sewing and all, so maybe I could finish it and have a nice quilt. Why, thank you very much!

At home, I opened the bag and saw this.


Brown, red, green, and lavender-pink? Not my favorite color scheme.

And closed the bag and stuffed it away somewhere. Because, while that bit on top there is nicely done patchwork, it is flaming-’80s “country” colors in stiff fabrics that are heavy on the polyester.

First off, I don’t quilt. Yet.

But when I finally start, I don’t want to make something in colors that don’t appeal to me and in fabric that’s unpleasant to handle. There’s no way in tarnation I’d put that much work into polyester.

Well, that was then. I found the forgotten bag recently and decided to dump everything out and see how bad it really was. Turns out, there were just a few ugly pieces on top. Underneath . . . . . -See what I found!>

Lost your Kitchen Britches? I found them just in time for shower present season

Kitchen Britches have been around since the 1940s, but I didn’t know they existed until I found a pair in a thrift store last month. Judging by the pinned-on poem, I’m guessing they must have been made for housewarming and shower gifts.


Here’s a look!

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