Go ahead, melt your mother’s heart on your way to some other universe


She’s wearing hand-embroidered badges on a vintage sweater with knitted-in blue strawberries. (I think that’s what they are!)

To my secret sorrow (well, not so secret any more now, is it? Hi, kids!) my daughters have never been all that keen on making stuff.

Knitting? Meh. The older one made a luscious merino & cashmere scarf for an old boyfriend, and that was the sum of her knitting interest, at least for now.

Sewing? The younger one mastered basic machine skills when she tackled a cotton tank top, but the rest of the sewing projects she planned are still uncut.

Weaving? Both of them have spent a week at my summer weaving camp, but neither one is begging me to bring home the vintage 36″ LeClerc counterbalance loom and wedge it in the spare room.

So you can imagine my delight when the younger one, loafing around the house on a week’s school vacation and binging on episode after episode of a British TV show featuring the 10th and 11th incarnations of a certain Time Lord, decided she was also going to make some nifty little badges. Just for the fun of it. Take a look!

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #18


I just received this marvelous vintage lamppost pin from my Pennsylvania sister-in-law, who knows a good thing when she sees it.

It’s shiny gold-tone with one sparkly stone for the flame. Depending on how you’re looking at the facets, the stone looks red or it looks silver—it flickers just like a real flame.

So simple! It’s a stunner on a little black dress.

Thanks, Wendy!

2 3/4″ high, and unmarked.


Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #17


One last sterling silver bracelet charm for this year.

This one celebrates the reason for the season, in a teeny tiny stone house. There’s Mary in her traditional blue, and Joseph in brown, and the baby laid in the manger. He’s so small he’s more of a suggestion in white enamel than an actual shape.


On the reverse there are three completely incongruous Gothic windows. No stained glass, though. There must be a mighty draft blowing through the teeny tiny stone house!

This charm is like a miniature 3-D Christmas card. Consider it my greeting to you, on this the fifth of the twelve days of the feast of Christmas. May your last week of Christmas be outsized with feasting and joy!

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #16

It’s not very glittery or vintage, but this piece holds a special place in my heart. My father made it in 2005. From the front it doesn’t look like much more than a large chunk of malachite.


But the back, ah, that’s another story. He cut a Christmas tree out of the sterling silver setting. It’s unusual because it isn’t a heart or a thunderbird, the two design elements he used over and over.


Perfect with a plaid Pendleton shirt on the leather cord he braided. He would have worn them for Christmas with clashing green plaid pants.

3-1/4″ long with a 1/2″ diameter bail. Signed “E 05”

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #15

The light shines in the darkness . . . 


. . .and the darkness has not overcome it.

This tiny pin has no rhinestones at all. Just paint. But it’s pretty! I like the two-tone effect on the candle flame.

I’m guessing it was intended for a child, it’s so small. Just an inch and a quarter¬†tall! And unmarked.