Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #14

“Sing, choirs of angels!”


Three more sterling silver charms that haven’t made it onto my charm bracelet yet.

The choirboys are marked “Wells.” The singing angel has a mark I can’t make out. The Madonna and child is marked simply “sterling.”


Clever “lace” the choirboys are wearing! And golly, is it just me, or does that dark-haired boy look like Eddie Munster?

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #13

Unlucky 13!


This tree pin has space for seven sparkly rhinestones. Six rhinestone candles, plus one bright blue star on top.

Seven’s a lucky number, right?

Alas, two of the little rhinestone candles have gone missing.

Boo! Hiss! I hate it when the rhinestone-thieving elves show up at my house!

It’s a pretty pin anyway. Someday I’ll find some modern stones to repair it.

The candle flames are dabs of red paint, and the center one has rubbed off completely.

2 1/4″ from pot to treetop. Marked “B.J.”

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #12


This lovely holly leaf pin has no rhinestones to fall out, no moving parts to wriggle off.

It’s not flashy or overdone.

It’s just a beautifully sculpted piece of goldtone metal, overlaid with glossy green enamel and one scarlet berry bead. Utterly simple.

I think it would look marvelous on the lapel of a man’s wool coat as well as a woman’s.

It’s 2 1/4″ long, and marked “CERRITO.”

Want to own one? I saw a few on ebay and Etsy for as little as $5!

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #11


Another sprout in the great big forest of tree pins!

This one is potted in a fancy white urn. The green-painted boughs are lavishly decorated with blobs of sparkly red resin. There’s a rhinestone star on top for a little twinkle.

The whole effect is a bit slap-dash. Kind of like our own tree, which the kids are decorating tonight in between taking funny photos of each other and telling jokes that apparently I am not supposed to hear. Outside the snow is crisp and bright in the moonlight.

Slapdash? I’ll take it. Turns out it’s absolutely perfect.

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #10


A giant rhinestone snowflake!

A lovely choice for tonight, because we had 10 inches of snow last Sunday, and we’re getting another 7 or 8 inches now.

Sunday’s snow was heavy and wet, with a glaze of frozen rain on top. Brutal to shovel!

Tonight’s snow is dry and fluffy. It squeaks when you step on it. Absolutely perfect cross-country skiing snow! I’m thinking about getting my skis out and touring around our tiny backyard. Two kicks and a glide and I’ll be smacking headlong into the neighbor’s fence.

This unmarked rhinestone snowflake is actually missing a piece. One of the outmost groups of three smaller stones has lost its third stone. Did you notice? It’s on the left side there. Maybe it got caught on the original owner’s wool plaid scarf.

Though this snowflake is meant to be symmetrical, it’s just a little “off,” in a quirky and life-like way. I don’t care if it’s not perfect. It’s still a stunner of a sparkler.