Vintage lights for lengthening Fall nights

Thrifting has been good this week. I snapped up three pieces of vintage Hazel Atlas Platonite glassware in October colors. Since they’re not madly desirable they’d be hard to sell in our Dish Sister’s booth. I decided right away I’d re-purposed them as candles.

vintage Hazel Atlas Platonite

Moderntone Platonite sherbets in orange and pale yellow, Newport Hairpin sugar bowl in orange. Probably no one is looking for these exact pieces for their Hazel Atlas collection.

Years ago I bought boxes of pure beeswax candles on closeout sale from a famous housewares store/catalog. When they arrived I was disappointed to discover they were all a blah, mis-matched range of beige. I didn’t want to pay return postage so I tossed them in a drawer.

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New life for a Moody Person’s vintage t-shirts

Does someone in YOUR house buy t-shirts with logos? Here at This Old Row House, ManRay had a drawer full of vintage tees he’s been collecting for decades. Here’s proof:

1993 harley museum tour shirt

Good heavens! This was jammed in the drawer since 1993! A few of them were even older.

These vintage gems of memories were hogging up too much space. So one day I secretly cleaned them out, ran them through the washer, and got them out of the house.

No, I didn’t take them to the thrift store! I sent them off to be made into a quilt. Click here!

I watched American Pickers and this happened…

Last month a found a small side table at a yard sale that was begging for a makeover. (The table, not the yard sale!)


How’s this for a style contrast? Glittering cut glass on a crude, pine scrap table. Why didn’t I buy the bowl?!

It brought back great memories of camping in Maine, so I planned to paint it a bright, vacation-y sort of color. In the meantime, I watched nearly an entire season of American Pickers on Amazon Prime.

And this happened…

See what I did!

Cutter tablecloths get a second chance

99.99% of the time I couldn’t cut up a vintage tablecloth for a sewing project. But sometimes they just can’t be saved. Holes the size of an egg right in the middle of an otherwise wonderful tablecloth released me from all guilt in turning this one into a small curtain for my front door.


I sewed this so long ago that the yellow flowers have almost completely faded from exposure to the morning sun. I probably ought to replace it.

The other half of the same tablecloth ended up as a small valance over my kitchen sink window.

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My car is jam-packed

It’s a good thing ManRay wasn’t planning to come along to this week’s show at Sage Farm. There isn’t any room in the car for him!

I’m bringing enough chenille dotted pillows to fill a large sofa. Aren’t these colors great together? They all have brand new pillow inserts.


These crazy pillows make me smile every time I look at them.

See what else I’m bringing along!