The weather forecast called for panic shopping

Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! I’m enjoying a snow day at home because ManRay took my car to get to work (it has all-wheel drive and his doesn’t).

snowflake tablecloth

Okay, I know it’s not as bad here as it is at Luray’s house, but we’ve got at least six inches of snow. Maybe more. Hard to tell because it’s blowing madly and won’t settle down to get measured.

When we get weather forecasts like this, supermarkets always get emptied of bread, eggs and milk. What’s with that? Does everyone have a sudden, inexplicable need to make French toast?

Not me. But in honor of this snowy weather shopping mystery, I’m making Rich Bread and Butter Pudding from Tish Boyle’s “Diner Desserts”. And I didn’t have to run to the store to get the ingredients, either! Yep, there’s more!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


It’s been snowing since this morning.

So far we have fifteen inches.

It’ll snow all night.

Twice already we’ve shovelled the driveway, the front steps, and the back deck. We’ll do it again before bed. We’ll do it again in the morning.

I can hear the snowplows scraping down the street every half hour. I love being inside my snug house and hearing that sound. They’ll be plowing straight through tomorrow afternoon. Twenty-eight hours of shoving snow around! God bless the plow guys.  Yep, there’s more!