Snow day with non-exploding art


It finally stopped snowing. We’re finally done digging out.

Fifteen inches!

And three degrees Farenheit right now. We’re snug in the house, wearing extra sweaters, watching Cary Grant movies, and plotting what to do with the rest of the weekend.

I’m thinking about where to hang this sweet little oil painting I found last weekend on that epic thrifting trip with Janeray. Yep, there’s more!

Bake, then decorate. Or is it the other way around?


I {heart} aluminum cooky cutters.

Pretty sure my mom had a box of them in her kitchen. Maybe that’s why I {heart} them so much. Read the rest of this entry »

My favorite vintage ornaments: songbirds in glass cages!


At Lurayville we don’t do Martha Stewart-y whoop-de-doo decorator-queen Christmas trees.

Re-inventing a tree decorating scheme every December doesn’t sound fun to me. That’s just not where I want my energy to go.

We’re boring. We put the same things on our tree every.single.year.

Why?  Because.

Anyway. We’ve got little white lights. (Okay, some years we do colored lights, but that’s because we can’t decide which we like better!)

We’ve got the kids’ ornaments. Every December each child shops for one modern glass ornament to add to her collection. When they leave home the ornaments will go with them.

I hope it isn’t anytime soon.

We’ve got a few boxes of tiny, beautifully made, modern glass ornaments given to us by my brother in Manhattan who has exquisite taste.

Then  . . .  vintage ornaments. There aren’t a lot. I own some Shiny Brites, but I decided to just pile them in a bowl this year.

Here are a couple of my favorite vintage ornaments that aren’t glass balls:


Tiny pompom songbirds with tiny plastic feet! They’re singing merrily from swinging perches inside tiny cages made of delicate glass rods and beads. Some are white, some are gold.

Postwar Japan? That’s my guess!

Imagine picking up a couple dozen of these at Woolworth’s for next to nothing. Somebody’s going to finally invent a time travel machine any day now, I hope. I’ll see you when I get back.

Tune in tomorrow for more vintage favorites!

Is it possible to have TOO many vintage tablecloths?


Nah, I didn’t think so either.

There’s at least four feet to go until this stack hits the ceiling. Lotsa room to add more!

Hang on a sec, this doesn’t include my Christmas tablecloths, or the super special ones like the Louisiana Purchase tablecloth. Or the tablecloths that are in the laundry right now.

Hmm, maybe I have less than four feet to go after all.

Been rearranging my dining room, had to completely empty out the china cupboard to shove it to the other wall. I’ll show you the pictures soon.

Meanwhile this stack of tablecloths is going to sit here taking the air until I figure everything out. And I can admire them all at once!

Completely non-Christmas fabulous find

I drove by the thrift shop yesterday on my way to the fabric store to pick up a couple dozen jingle bells for my sewing students’ next project.

Am I ever glad I did!

Actually, to back up a country mile in this story, I didn’t drive right by the thrift shop at all. I stopped there before I got to the fabric store, even though it meant taking two left turns on a busy road, which generally I try to avoid.

Because the fabric store always has dozens of jingle bells and if they ever run out they can get more in a jiffy.

But if I miss something marvelous at the thrift shop, well, I’m never going to see it again.

This is what I didn’t miss. Read the rest of this entry »