We join Facebook after 9 billion other people

Who doesn’t like to be loved? Or love to be liked?

We certainly won’t complain if you love LIKE us a lot. Yes, ma’am, we have finally stopped procrastinating and started a Dish Sisters Facebook page.

Here’s the very first baby picture. We hope you’ll ‘oooooh!’ and ‘aaaaaah!’ just a little bit.

new Dish Sisters Facebook page

We’re so brand spanking new it’s almost embarrassing

Please stop by and say hello! Like us! Love us! Share our brand new baby page with your friends! We’ll be over the moon!

And if you’re in Salisbury this weekend, why not come say hello in person? We’d love to meet you face to face!

We will be over the moon and totally love you if you share us with your friends!

Thinking inside the box, coloring inside the lines

Just this week I put two and three together and realized I really like thinking inside the box. When it comes to design I’m attracted to squares. And things in grids. Especially if they have lots of colors.

You can find boxy grids all through the house, starting just inside the front door. I comb-painted the foyer floor in raspberry and white squares a long time ago.


I’ve got granny square afghans galore in the living room in the winter–one for everyone, and then some. Lots of chenille-dotted pillows, too.

Two of my hooked wool rugs are designed on squares.


Dining room rug (with jadeite green!) on the left, sewing room rug on the right.

Yep, there’s more!