Color, color everywhere at The Vintage Bazaar

The Vintage Bazaar is not the best shopping experience for play-it-safe-with-beige people. (On second thought, maybe I just ignored all the safe, neutral stuff!) It’s chock full of fun and colorful treasures. I didn’t have a lot of time for shopping, but I did grab a few snapshots.

First, the furniture…

My dining room chairs are this exact style, but I never thought of doing this with them. Adding slatted seats has got to be easier than messing with new upholstery.

green chair bench

Green Siamese dining room chairs forever joined at the seat. And what a cool Tom Thumb typewriter!

Yep, there’s lots more!

You meet the greatest people at the Vintage Bazaar

We had our best weekend EVER at the Vintage Bazaar. We sold loads of vintage goodness, but my favorite part of the weekend is meeting so many fun and wonderful people. This year I got brave and asked some of them if I could take their pictures.

lady with Frida Kahlo flowers

Rocking a fabulous outfit and Frida Kahlo floral head band.

She said I could take her photo only if her dog got in on the action. Why, certainly!

Yep, there’s more!

I watched American Pickers and this happened…

Last month a found a small side table at a yard sale that was begging for a makeover. (The table, not the yard sale!)


How’s this for a style contrast? Glittering cut glass on a crude, pine scrap table. Why didn’t I buy the bowl?!

It brought back great memories of camping in Maine, so I planned to paint it a bright, vacation-y sort of color. In the meantime, I watched nearly an entire season of American Pickers on Amazon Prime.

And this happened…

See what I did!

A chicken a day: off the wall with mystery breeds!


He’s a handsome guy, isn’t he? I’m not up on chicken breeds, though. Is this a Spanish chicken? An Orpington?

I’m way behind on a chicken-a-day, so let’s play catch-up a bit.

This little kitchen plaque was made 47 years ago. I can prove it!


It’s Syroco! From MCMLXVII! (That’s 1967 to you non-Latin speakers.)

Syroco made all sorts of decorative doodads.

Here the picture is printed on heavy card and stapled into the unbreakable and never-needs-painting frame. There’s no glass, so the paper is authentically aged and foxed a bit after 40-plus years.


But the frame was designed to look “distressed” and “aged” right from the get-go. This isn’t quite an example of Ye Olde Earlie American Fake Antiquey Stuff, but it’s close.

I like the scooped corners on the frame. And that green is just marvy. It’s vintage but could go modern at the same time.

But wait! There’s more!

-Extra! Extra! Read all about it!>

Riot of color at the Vintage Bazaar

One of the things I enjoy most about being a vendor at the Vintage Bazaar is spending two entire days on the grounds. There is always something unique for sale and a party of color everywhere.


Not my style, but the orange is hot.

If I had I porch these green chairs would have gone home with me. I DID buy the hooked rug behind them.

Scarves make a mannequin’s skirt.

The Linen Lady is a booth of total temptation. I didn’t succumb. For once.

Plaid, iridescent pumps!

A table ? with motorcycle bags for storage.

More than one vendor had a cute little trailer.

I’m always glad to work with our wonderful neighbor, Faye. At our very first Bazaar she brought a huge container of cold watermelon to share on a hot, sticky day. You’re awesome, Faye!