Tiny vintage table toppers, part 2

Tiny tablecloths were never on my mental list of things to collect. I have to admit that the moments of discovery (Oooooooh! A tablecloth!) have always been followed by a letdown (Shoot! It’s small!) But that hasn’t stopped me from buying them anyway.

A Facebook commenter pointed out that some tiny tablecloths are merely cut down from larger pieces. Here’s a Wilendur that’s hemmed on all four sides. It was sewn by a perfectionist who made it exactly 34″ square.

tiny Wilendur red dogwood tablecloth

More background than pattern, this common Wilendur is still BRIGHT red after all these decades.

But wait! There’s more!

Tiny vintage table toppers, part 1

We were happy to have house guests for a week–our son and his wife came to stay. I haven’t had much time to think about writing. So here’s some eye candy!

Every once in a very long while I find a miniature vintage tablecloth. In all my years of collecting I’ve only come across eight. Take a peek at the first four!

Let’s start with the color of summery skies and rosy gardens.

tiny vintage tablecloth with big floral border

This little tablecloth is almost covered with big flower garlands.

Yep, there’s more!

Ten ways to use a vintage fridge container

Vintage fridge containers have gotten way more expensive in the past few years, especially the jadeite ones. But that’s no excuse for leaving them on a shelf to collect dust. Here are ten simple ways to use them.

They’re spectacular at hiding the last piece of cherry pie.

hide the last piece of pie

The obvious use is to hide desirable leftovers. Just don’t forget what you did with them!

Unlike modern, flimsy see-through plastics, old glass fridge containers completely conceal the contents. That can be a very good thing if you have a good memory. Otherwise, you’ll have vintage leftovers with nice green mold. User beware!

Okay. That was too easy.

Yep, there’s more!

When the collector is ready the app will appear

If you’re a collector, the day will inevitably come when you admit your accumulating has gotten out of hand. You’ll open a drawer or a box and find stuff you totally forgot you owned. Or you won’t remember if you kept that tropical moose souvenir from Florida or gave it away.

moose and coconut tree souvenir napkin holder

I didn’t know that moose migrated to places with coconuts. Or maybe it’s the tree that’s been transplanted in Maine. Either way, this is the most awesome souvenir napkin holder. Ever.

Consider this a friendly intervention.

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Have you tried the Vintage Hankie Diet?

Some people claim to have tried every diet ever devised. Atkins. South Beach. Low carb. Low fat. Paleo. You name it.

But I bet they’ve never tried the Vintage Hankie Diet. It’s a strict regime with only 60 items on the menu.

vintage calorie counter hankie

Your ultimate guide to a 1950’s diet. Pop this vintage handkerchief in your pocket. No need to memorize pesky calorie counts!

Of course, you’ll survive just fine because eight of them are alcoholic.

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