Seven smalls I saw at Sage

Part of the fun of going to Sage Farm is seeing how the best dealers merchandise their stuff. I always try to look at that. It’s a free education if you pay attention!

But a few smalls always catch my eye, too. Here are six of them from last weekend’s Sage Farm show. IMG_7033 First, a McCoy iris vase displayed with other pottery. I don’t care that it’s McCoy, I just love the flutey shape, and the yellow. Because yellow is a happy color. (A vase identical to the green one behind the yellow McCoy is sitting on my mantel right now!)   IMG_7072An almost-rusty steel window screen displays vintage postcards. Wouldn’t this be great in your kitchen for recipes and notes? Too bad rust isn’t my thing. Now if I found a white enameled steel version . . .

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A chicken a day: Bertie Rooster



It’s turning out to be more like “a chicken a week.”


I was all set to sit down and write yesterday, when our large black & white dog had an extremely unfortunate encounter with a small black & white skunk.

Fortunately the skunk had bad aim, since the dog didn’t take a direct hit. And, unlike our last skunk episode (not naming any names here, kids, but you know who you are), this time nobody felt sorry for the dog and let her in the house.

We should have just set fire to the place and moved away right then.

Back to the chickens!

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