Bottlecap crochet was a thing? How did I miss that?

At the October Sage Farm show, one dealer had a big stack of these hot mats, in two sizes, shaped like bunches of grapes.


Grape hot mats. Big aluminum tray in a grape leaf pattern. Some things are just made to go together!

I thought they were made of crocheted puffs that were stuffed with fiberfill or something. And then I picked one up.

They’re heavy!

Find out how they’re made-it’s easy!

Fabulous fall fun at Sage Farm

IMG_7022 Last weekend’s “Of Autumns Past” show at Sage Farm was all-out beautiful. Lots of natural wood, harvest colors, and sparkling lights. Here are a few of my favorite things.


Curves & color & BIG PRESENCE—this green rush-seated bench has it all. Somebody else thought so, too, and snapped it up on the first day of the show.

I loved this shapely green bench! The dealer said he’d got it from the elderly original owners. It was Hitchcock or Hitchcock-style when it was new, and after the black paint wore off they painted it green, and after the green wore off it they didn’t do a thing more. Genius.

Oh yes, there’s more!

Come see us at Sage Farm this weekend!

Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

dish sisters at sage farm photo

Looking a lot like Fall in our booth at Sage Farm this weekend. (Photo from the Sage Farm Facebook page.)

See more at the Sage Farm page… Click here!

Color, color everywhere at The Vintage Bazaar

The Vintage Bazaar is not the best shopping experience for play-it-safe-with-beige people. (On second thought, maybe I just ignored all the safe, neutral stuff!) It’s chock full of fun and colorful treasures. I didn’t have a lot of time for shopping, but I did grab a few snapshots.

First, the furniture…

My dining room chairs are this exact style, but I never thought of doing this with them. Adding slatted seats has got to be easier than messing with new upholstery.

green chair bench

Green Siamese dining room chairs forever joined at the seat. And what a cool Tom Thumb typewriter!

Yep, there’s lots more!

You meet the greatest people at the Vintage Bazaar

We had our best weekend EVER at the Vintage Bazaar. We sold loads of vintage goodness, but my favorite part of the weekend is meeting so many fun and wonderful people. This year I got brave and asked some of them if I could take their pictures.

lady with Frida Kahlo flowers

Rocking a fabulous outfit and Frida Kahlo floral head band.

She said I could take her photo only if her dog got in on the action. Why, certainly!

Yep, there’s more!