Daisy: the update!

So I strolled through the thrift store humming, “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!” to myself, and what turns up on the shelf?



Looks like Daisy got her man, her bicycle built for two, AND her hansom carriage. Lucky girl!

The universe sure has a funny sense of humor sometimes.

Yep, there’s more! Click here!

Placesettings: Banish the gloom

Mr. Weatherman says it’ll be overcast and dreary today. Well, I can fix that!


I’ve got a cheerful placesetting starting with 1930s Anchor Hocking Banded Ring plates on top of Fire-King Jane Ray jadeite. The juice glasses are vintage Swanky Swigs, the only two I currently own. The bananas are in a Sunbeam mixer bowl. Why not? It’s great for salad, too.

The yellow banded napkins are probably way older than the 1950s green, gray, yellow and red tablecloth. I think it’s a Simtex. Won’t swear to it, though. This is another cloth that no one ever liked at Pettengill. I think I’ll enjoy it for a while!


What do you do to cheer up a rainy day?