Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #17


One last sterling silver bracelet charm for this year.

This one celebrates the reason for the season, in a teeny tiny stone house. There’s Mary in her traditional blue, and Joseph in brown, and the baby laid in the manger. He’s so small he’s more of a suggestion in white enamel than an actual shape.


On the reverse there are three completely incongruous Gothic windows. No stained glass, though. There must be a mighty draft blowing through the teeny tiny stone house!

This charm is like a miniature 3-D Christmas card. Consider it my greeting to you, on this the fifth of the twelve days of the feast of Christmas. May your last week of Christmas be outsized with feasting and joy!

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #8

Here comes Santa Claus!


And here are a few of the vintage sterling silver charms that haven’t made it onto my Christmas charm bracelet yet.

Ice-skating Santa looks like he’s nailing a triple axel on rather flimsy-looking skates. This is the same guy who lands a sleigh on our roof and┬ámakes it down our skinny chimney without getting covered in soot, so, yeah, he can probably skate like an Olympian too.

I’m such a doubter.


Santa-on-ice and the toy-stuffed stocking are both by Wells Sterling, a really high-quality maker. See how smoothly polished the backs are?

Somebody named Ginger gave the stocking to someone else as a little stocking-stuffer. Ginger, you had good taste!


Santa with the rumply facial hair and the navy blue sack slung over his shoulder is not quite as nice quality. He’s marked on the reverse, but I can’t quite make it out. An “F”? A “K”? Anybody know?

Season’s glitterings! Christmas jewelry #4


Jingle charms, jingle charms, jingle all the way!

Flashing way back to the ’60s here, with this sweet sterling silver charm bracelet garlanded with enameled Christmas charms.


I like the two tiny Christmas cards. The enamel is beautifully done. You can mail me this kind of card any time!


Then there’s a GREETING IN ALL CAPS from a slightly manic-looking child who can’t write in a straight line. Must be all the sugar she’s been eating.


My favorite is the tiny fireplace with stockings hung by the chimney with care. They’re movable but, alas, St Nick can’t actually put anything in them.

Later I’ll post photos of some great charms that haven’t made it onto this bracelet yet. There are a couple of beauts!

Month of Makeovers Day 13, A record breaking experiment

braceletteaserHave you ever tried something just to see if it would work? I wanted to see if I could make beads or charms out of an old vinyl record album. Pinterest shows lots of impressive precision cut vinyl. Unfortunately, I don’t happen to have a handy dandy laser cutter in my workshop. I don’t even have a workshop! What I DO have is a kitchen sink.

Making vinyl record charms in my sink was a lot easier than I expected. Don’t worry! No fantastic, classic albums were harmed during this makeover!

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