I have to take back what I said

Yes, I have to take back what I said about the Golden Nugget Flea Market being on its last legs. On Memorial Day weekend it looked like a throwback to twenty years ago. Every single dealer table was taken. Parking was impossible. The place was buzzing with excitement.


I thought I was in a time warp. The flea market was incredible on Sunday.

Some amazing things were for sale.

Yep, there’s lots more

Today’s the big day at Sage


Jadeite! Pink! Piles of tablecloths! The world’s largest vintage dresser! I loved the way our booth looked. Shoppers did, too.

Yesterday morning our booth at the Sage Farm show was loaded with pastels galore. Thursday was “dealers only” day, Friday the show opened to the public, but of course lots of potential customers have to work. We’re hoping Saturday will bring lots and lots of shoppers.

We didn’t have a single spot to cram in one more item.

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