Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #5


Okay, if you want to get technical this really isn’t a Christmas piece. No holly. No tree. No Santa, or reindeer, or jolly elves of any sort whatsoever.

So I’m going to ask you to use your imagination.

Pretend this is the Christmas star. And instead of twinkling in the heavens leading the way to Bethlehem, it’s shining on your shoulder, reminding your heart of the real reason you’re celebrating the Season.

Like a supernova, this pin can’t be overlooked. The huge aurora borealis stone is more than an inch in diameter.

No maker, no marks.

But no missing it.

Season’s glitterings! Christmas jewelry #3


I see your “ginormous” poinsettia pin and up the ante, Luray. Now this is a truly ginormous pin–a vast and eye popping 4-3/4 inches across.

The leaves are carved chunks of shell, deeply textured and deliciously iridescent. I love iridescence.

The center beads just might be plastic. Or glass. The center bead is jadeite green!

No idea who made it or when.

I do know it was a special gift from Luray! And it looks stunning on the shoulder of my thick, charcoal gray winter coat.