I’m making the season bright and gluey

Thank goodness this is a joint blog because Luray has been posting and posting while I have been glooping hot glue on lots of vintage stuff to make Christmas wreaths. I’ve got a baker’s dozen to send to Sage Farm next week for the December show.

Ready for the Big Reveal? Here’s wreath number one…

red vintage ornament wreath with birds

Ta da! Silver and red birds, balls, bling and Santa.

And another…

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It’s beginning to look a lot like . . .


What a great display! Everything pops against that green door.

Yes, yes, I KNOW it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But at November’s Sage Farm show, there were a few corners that looked a lot like Christmas.

I snapped some photos of  red & green. Take a look!

What are you waiting for?

Unfinished? Unsuccessful? Unglamourous? You betcha!

Do you ever get tired of perfect Pinterest homescapes? Bloggers that have it all together? Well now’s your day to feel relieved, normal and possibly even superior. Yes, my house is a creative disaster area right now. The December Sage show is rushing up FAST and I’ve got everything started, nothing finished. My dining room table looks like this:

How many things can I start and not finish? It's infinite!

How many things can I start and not finish? It’s infinite!

The kitchen counter looks like this:

Click here for the horror!

We Two Kings of Orient Are

It’s January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. And you know what that means.

1. It’s officially the last day of Christmas. Waaah!

2. It’s time to think about taking down the tree. Waah!

3. We’ve eaten all those homemade white chocolate-dipped pretzels and now my jeans are too tight. Waah! I have to do something about that. Other than buying bigger jeans. I promise to start right after I bake Epiphany cake. Results (about the cake, I mean) to be posted later.

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the day with these three wise men.


Would you believe . . . two wise men? Yep, there’s more!

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #18


I just received this marvelous vintage lamppost pin from my Pennsylvania sister-in-law, who knows a good thing when she sees it.

It’s shiny gold-tone with one sparkly stone for the flame. Depending on how you’re looking at the facets, the stone looks red or it looks silver—it flickers just like a real flame.

So simple! It’s a stunner on a little black dress.

Thanks, Wendy!

2 3/4″ high, and unmarked.