I found Fire King Copper-Tint Ovenware under my basement steps

How long have I had this box of new old stock Fire King Ovenware? I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even remember where or when I found these.  I’ve been cleaning out our overstuffed basement storage area and finding all sorts of forgotten goodies.

The box isn’t looking too hot after 50+ years.

Ah, but inside the box is a whole nother story! There are twelve pristine pieces of Copper-Tint with their original Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping stickers.



What’s most interesting to me is how modest these pieces seem in comparison to my super-sized contemporary Fire King 2000 pieces. Hum. People in the 60s didn’t have gym memberships. We might need to rethink what’s a “normal” serving size.


I couldn’t bear to peel the stickers off and use these. Copper-Tint never was one of my collecting passions, anyway. They’ll get to go to a new home.  Imagine how great they’d look in a 1960s copper-accented kitchen in a split-level time capsule home.

I hope someone is going to love these when I finally get around to opening a Dish Sisters Etsy shop!