More shiny Christmas stuff coming to Sage Farm

True confession: I’ve never sold anything I’ve made. I hope that still isn’t true after the upcoming Dear Santa show at Sage Farm. I’ve got a small collection of Christmas wreaths about to make their public debut.

Have a look!

hot pink vintage ornament wreath

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, this magenta and silver vintage ornament wreath might just be it.

Not impressed? Well then how about this one?

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Month of Makeovers Day 21: A purse goes wild and woolly

What do you get when you combine an ugly 1940s handbag with a moth-eaten vintage scarf?

Would you believe an accessory I’m going to love using this fall?

It all started with a handbag I bought at the flea market probably fifteen years ago. Maybe twenty! I liked the caramel colored plastic kiss-lock frame. The rest of it is an eyesore. Glitzy applique on rough textured fabric? Ugh. Cheap goldtone chain attached by eye hooks? Double ugh.


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Month of Makeovers, Day 8: Hey hey, it’s a monkey!

It’s every knitter’s quandary: What do you do with all the little bits and balls of yarn left over from every project you’ve ever made?

My usual solution is to stuff them with the big yarn balls inside a vintage plaid suitcase. Or two.


Would you believe . . . three?


Not that I’m a great knitter, because I’m not. (I might be, if there weren’t so many other interesting things to do.) What I really am is a Collector of Odds & Ends That Could Be Useful Someday. Read the rest of this entry »

Month of Makeovers Day 5: When life gives you placemats

What do you do with three undersized vintage placemats? Two’s company, three’s just odd.


One even has a factory flaw.


I can’t bring myself to cut up vintage linens that aren’t full of holes or stained beyond repair. Part of me just dies to see good tablecloths chopped to bits. But this oddball placemat will make a great little zipper top bag. Time to shop my fabric stash! Read the rest of this entry »