On the third day of Christmas: more vintage Christmas tablecloths

This year our house is full of family so we’re splattering vintage tablecloths with gravy, cranberry sauce (and worse) at every meal. Want to see the fabric casualties? Of course you do! First up, a vividly colored tablecloth festooned (no one ever says this word in real life!) with poinsettias and holly garlands:

vintage poinsettia tablecloth detail

The colors are even better in person

Yep, there’s lots more!

Placesettings: the first day of Christmas

Yes, the First Day of Christmas was yesterday. But let’s not get picky.

Christmas dinner was a smallish affair with only seven of us sitting down together. That’s okay. The big family hoopla will happen on Sunday when more of us are in town.

Here’s what the dining table looked like before everyone showed up.


I’ve gone way beyond matchy-matchy here and crossed over into a place where I only have to like it to put it together.  Read the rest of this entry »