Month of Makeovers: The Aftermath with Kitchen Update

The last few days in This Old Row House have been more eventful than I ever wanted.

Verizon shipped out a new modem yesterday–yea!–but the DSL is still bad and keeps dropping the connection. It gets an “F” at  90% of the planet’s inhabitants have a better internet connection. It must be time to upgrade to FIOS.

A new, huge Samsung fridge is now overfilling its space in the kitchen. We had to rip out the cabinet over the old fridge to make room for its extra dimensions. Read the rest of this entry »

Month of Makeovers Day 25: I get by with a little help

Have you been sitting on the edge of your seat just dying to know what happened with the massive Empire dresser I abandoned in melodramatic despair on Day 15?

2013-10-15 20.06.25

It’s finally gotten a makeover with a little help from ManRay–aka Mr. Janeray.
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