Flea Market Decorating 101

flea market style magazine

Don’t you just love seeing what other people have done in their houses? I do!

Flea market decorating has gone mainstream, judging by the amount of magazines you can find on the topic. I’m gratified to know my house is finally cool instead of just cheap!

All these titles feature dozens of tips about what’s hot, how to convert trash into treasure, and where to shop. What they don’t do is tell you how to start decorating from scratch.

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No one love’s me . . . and my grammar’s bad, too.


Like a lot of dealers, I have furniture pieces that need a little work before they’re sellable.

This simple pine table has been in my “Must Do Something With It” pile for five years. Maybe six. It was the turned legs and the pretty molding details on the apron that caught my eye.

In January I finally figured out what to do.

Yes, indeed, there’s more!