Vintage lights for lengthening Fall nights

Thrifting has been good this week. I snapped up three pieces of vintage Hazel Atlas Platonite glassware in October colors. Since they’re not madly desirable they’d be hard to sell in our Dish Sister’s booth. I decided right away I’d re-purposed them as candles.

vintage Hazel Atlas Platonite

Moderntone Platonite sherbets in orange and pale yellow, Newport Hairpin sugar bowl in orange. Probably no one is looking for these exact pieces for their Hazel Atlas collection.

Years ago I bought boxes of pure beeswax candles on closeout sale from a famous housewares store/catalog. When they arrived I was disappointed to discover they were all a blah, mis-matched range of beige. I didn’t want to pay return postage so I tossed them in a drawer.

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I watched American Pickers and this happened…

Last month a found a small side table at a yard sale that was begging for a makeover. (The table, not the yard sale!)


How’s this for a style contrast? Glittering cut glass on a crude, pine scrap table. Why didn’t I buy the bowl?!

It brought back great memories of camping in Maine, so I planned to paint it a bright, vacation-y sort of color. In the meantime, I watched nearly an entire season of American Pickers on Amazon Prime.

And this happened…

See what I did!

No one love’s me . . . and my grammar’s bad, too.


Like a lot of dealers, I have furniture pieces that need a little work before they’re sellable.

This simple pine table has been in my “Must Do Something With It” pile for five years. Maybe six. It was the turned legs and the pretty molding details on the apron that caught my eye.

In January I finally figured out what to do.

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Thousands were without power but I built a table

This past week we’ve had two major winter storms. One brought over a foot of snow, the other brought enough rain and ice to knock out power to 650,000+ people. I couldn’t go to work. I got to build a table on my unplanned day off.

Last summer I rescued a weird industrial sort of “tabletop” from my dad’s hoard of stuff.


One of the weird things we found in my father’s basement hoard. It appears as though something once covered the middle area because it’s cleaner and lighter. Mysteries!

Why was it partially painted? What was it originally used for? Yep, there’s more!

Cake-cover make-over!

I am a sucker for vintage aluminum. I love its soft sheen. To me, it’s so much nicer than chrome.

My kitchen has aluminum canisters, aluminum trays, aluminum spice jars, aluminum ladles, an aluminum butter dish. . . ¬†You name it, I’ve probably got it.

So I was delighted to pick up this aluminum cake dome for free last summer.


The guy who gave it to me didn’t think it was worth even one thin dime. It’s dented in several places from being dropped and bumped. It’s got a couple paint splatters. It’s missing its base plate.

Worst of all, it has no knob on top. Read the rest of this entry »